Business Debates for Companies Powered By Ideas

The best competition of ideas.
The best competition of ideas.

Cohort-based, Business-oriented and Transformative.

Anyone can be the smartest in the room; the one who brings better ideas to make a difference.

IDEA Central Asia
Everyone is smart. 
Unlock the potential to become an all-around idea agent with Business Debate by IDEA Central Asia. Our objective is simple: to help people leap forward to become initiators. 

Our ideas compete against each other all the time. What’s the outcome? Business Debate provides value in the competition of ideas. 

Everyday we make judgments based on stereotypes and find comfort in ready-made explanations. Most courses don’t talk about your business; most books don’t examine the details of your problems; most webinars don’t answer your follow-up questions; and most consultants, no matter what they say, won’t ever read your mind to help you. 
The solution lies within. We believe that there are people who care about their work, have fire in their belly, and are keen to make things happen. Business Debate will help you tap into your own potential and come up with targeted ideas that will benefit your business. Business Debate embraces learning - and learning embraces doing; the doing of speaking up, reviewing and to be reviewed. 

It's an unusual program

It may look like a standard debate, but it’s not. Business Debates uses the “Forum Theatre” method, which allows participants to “try on” different roles in order to understand ideas from different perspectives, see what you've been overlooking and discover how to make change happen.

14 days - 5 to 10 people - 1 coach   

How it works:

The method involves multiple teams competing for business solutions. Each team has 2 participants (speakers) from different departments of your company. During the first two weeks our professional coach trains each team on the basics of debating, developing solutions, structuring arguments, and helps them to prepare for the “debate round”. It’s not a win-or-lose game. It’s a discussion on various business problems and considering possible ways to solve them. 
We choose actual topics and complex problems related to your business or industry. The aim is for teams to debate on their ideas and convince a third party of their relevance. We moderate the session and monitor compliance with the ground rules. A panel of experts then votes for the most convincing ideas. This is how we harvest ideas - better ideas. 

Who this program is for:

Business Debate is designed for anyone who wants to become better at creating ideas that work.

Business Debate is awesome.

Here’s why:

  • 1You’ll develop better thinking skills: critical thinking, rapid information processing, in-depth research and exposure to diverse subject matter. These are just some of the ways in which debate will expand your mind.
  • 2You’ll develop teamplayer skills. You’ll work with your teammates and come up with complicated and unique arguments. You’ll find mentorship and support from judges and coaches that want you to keep improving and succeeding as a unit.
  • 3You’ll feel empowered to develop your own opinions and express your perspective. The more you can clearly define your position on different topics, the more you can understand and express yourself.

Try it, and you'll see the amazing results.

We'll help you create better ideas.

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All the funds received from the Business Debates will be directed to various programs, increasing the potential of young people. IDEA Central Asia remains a non-for-profit organization and is transparent about its financial records.