Monitoring&Evaluation Webinar and Interactive Training

Civil society is very diverse. Our projects are different, the contexts in which we operate are different, the ways we work as organizations are different. However, if one thing unites us, our mission is the same - we want to improve people’s lives.

In this day and age, it seems like fulfilling our mission is increasingly challenging. We’re all dealing with sticks of different shapes and sizes in our wheels. We try to move forward and, everyday, our role as drivers of progress is scrutinized. The bottom line is that if we fail to show results for our work, we undermine our ability to fulfill our mission - we fail to change people’s lives.

This is precisely why, in our view, monitoring and evaluation is so vital. M&E allows us to track our results, think critically about our approaches and, ultimately, design better programs.

We are proud to introduce M&E is Not Your Enemy by IDEA Original Training. 

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What it is about:

This 8 hour training program will focus on how to plan and implement M&E. The course will prioritize hands-on practice over theory. It is designed for professionals whose objective is to create practical M&E systems for their project or organization.

What you will learn:

  • How to design an M&E system.  
  • How to draw logic between project activities and broader objectives.   
  • How to work as a team to measure results.  
  • How to report on your evaluation findings for different audiences.  
  • How to adapt to unexpected outcomes.
  • How to use available platforms and digitize your approaches.  
  • How M&E leads to learning and contributes to continuous progress.  

Enroll Now and book your place. 

The first lesson starts on June 21, 2020. For a better quality and experience, our training is designed for maximum 15 people, so be sure to register on time. For all your questions, please contact Tristan at The registration fee for the program is $80.   

The program consists of 4 lessons, held every Sunday between 14:30 and 16:30.

What you need to register: Paypal account, Google account, and ZOOM

Or you may pay by transferring $80 or 5 920 soms to Demirbank (BIC 10-ДКИБ) USD: 1180000062040905 Kyrgyz som: 1180000051799927  
Alternative payment method
Tristan Petterson, Project Development and Monitoring&Evaluation Officer at IDEA Central Asia.